Hello, my name is Ardi. I have another name in online world which is Crazynoil. Maybe you will find my other name in online game or any other sites.

Makan di Jogja

I am not a simple nor an ordinary man. I have unique personality that makes me different with any other guy

I’m Javanese. I was born and raised at East Java.

I’m an observer and a deep thinker person . I can’t be spontaneous. I like to obey the rules and do anything as safe as possible.

Even though I don’t want to risk my life, but I love to travel to natural places, virgin beaches, untouchable peaks or hidden paradises. I love to take photo all of them and show them off to my friends just to make them jealous.


I’m good at computer also. I am an IT Engineer after all. I can create computer programs. And sometimes I do graphic designs or movie making too.


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